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On this site you can find metaphysical treatises (theory of everything), in which the basic physical equations and postulates (classical and quantum mechanics, electrodynamics, theory of a relativity) are logically deduced from the most common reasons.

Theme of the books is characterized by two key problems: how the world is organized, and why it is so? The considered answer contain a chain of conclusions, which sequentially infer from the obvious premise (possibly both likeness and difference) key laws found by a modern science. Books can be useful to everyone, interested in philosophy, physics and esoteric knowledge's. Their main difference from other similar investigations is that the model of world is not declared, but sequentially deduced from common reasons. The attention is concentrated on the following moments:

  • Analysis of conditions of existence, determinancy and self-sufficiency of phenomenon;
  • Special role of observer, as a guarantor of existence and unity of the world;
  • Three aspects of phenomenon which exist in a linear temporary chain;
  • Limited complexity of the real observer and connected to it effects;
  • Problem of inevitability of a choice for the observer which becomes more complex;
  • Necessity of connected existence of the obvious and hidden worlds.

The models of forming space, time, movement are offered. The mechanism of occurrence of the Law and his correlation with the second beginning of thermodynamics is discussed. The principles of relativity, complementary, uncertainty, least action, laws of a Newton, Coulomb, Lorentz-Maxwell equations, quantum and relativistic relations are deduced. The link between four known interactions, quantum mechanics and relativistic mechanics is uncovered. The geometrical images and relations, connected to it (circle, pyramid, Pythagorean theorem, number pi) are analyzed. The model of the evolutionary process is drawn up. The explanation of some ancient esoteric symbols is offered.

As a whole, the research does not contradict science data and, at the same time, are coordinated with the declarations of the esoteric doctrines. The appeals to a faith are not used - all conclusions can be checked from the source premises to a final statement.

(In Russian)

The author - Pankratov V.P. E-mail: om1@nm.ru


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